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259 hours and 20 minutes of content

91 Episodes

259 hours and 20 minutes of content

They're all here in MP3 format. All of us at FNG would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of those who watched and participated with us over the last two years. The show was a joy to work with and be a part of - we couldn't have done it without y'all.

Will something else happen? Possibly - but nothing is currently in the works. Stay tuned to BobbyBlackwolf on Twitter for updates on future webcasts. Also, visit for NEW episodes of The Bobby Blackwolf Show!

For Glen Martin, Mike, Cory, this is Bobby, signing out.

Latest Archived Show: December 17, 2010

"Friday Night Gaming is another example of how technology is helping to build Atlanta's gaming community. People come into [the live venue] to observe and participate, call in or chat and play online."

Friday Night Gaming is a new project from podcaster Bobby Blackwolf which will be a place where gamers can gather to discuss and play each other both online and in person. Utilizing techniques perfected in over three and a half years doing Live Internet Radio, audiences both around the world as well as locally will be able to interact and be a part of the party.

FNG is a LIVE Internet TV show broadcasting from CC Gaming in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA every Friday night at 8PM ET/5PM PT hosted by Bobby Blackwolf and Glen Martin, owner of CC Gaming. Video is available at Audio podcasts of each show are also be available through your favorite podcatcher by subscribing to our RSS feed or on our iTunes Music Store page.


Even if you can't make it out to our broadcast location, you can be a part of the show online! Online viewers can interact via our chat room as well as calling in TOLL FREE in North America at 1-888-FN-GAME-1. For those outside North America, callers can use free VOIP software Skype and calling "fridaynightgaming".